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We made our first public declaration about making a game thirteen months ago. Now, we're in the middle of doing just that, but a lot of things have changed. Here's the comprehensive list:

  • John and I are no longer thousands of miles and two timezones away: it's a lot more like 650 miles and a single timezone.
  • The platform has changed: we've moved from Android to the Xbox Live Arcade.
  • We've got this totally new website, on a new host, with a new domain.
  • The whole concept (and genre) for the game itself has changed. We'll have a lot more on that later.
  • We have a team of artists working with us!

Here's to round two of getting a real game under our belts! Be sure to check back often (or just subscribe to the RSS feed) as we'll have a lot more to say as things get built.

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