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This post is part of a series about making a Facebook game from scratch in one week. Go read the Overview to find out more and see a list of all the posts.


To start today off, I realized that I need to break the larger project into some smaller deadlines for each day if I'm going to pull this off. Here's what my tentative plan is:

  • Today: Get the web app working.
  • Tomorrow: Monetize.
  • Thursday: Facebook integration.
  • Friday: Bug fixing, polish, and launch.

An important note is that monetization needs to happen sooner rather than later, mostly because the third-parties that do it often have a human who's job it is to review virtual goods before they're approved in the system. This can take a few days.

The most aggressive of those days is definitely today. I need to code pretty much all the HTML, JavaScript, and Python. I'll save the bulk of CSS and design for the polish part of Friday, but I'll also be tweaking it as I go.


When planning my external dependencies, I totally forgot about sessions. GAE doesn't have those built in, and I definitely need them. I've previously used gaeutilities, but it seemed a little heavy for this. So I'm trying out gae-sessions for the first time. The integration point feels a little wonky, but it's working, so I feel like I can't complain.


So getting things working without Facebook integration already being there is turning out to be pretty hard. I did what I could, but it's going to need a lot of love on Thursday to get things right.

What I did accomplish is coming up with a list of powers, refactoring the model a bit to be more generalized and eliminate those join tables, and adding some art. I got icons for all the types of powers (there are 24 total, with 12 different types). I just wanted to search for a free to use icon set that would have what I need, and luckily, I found one.

There's also a decent amount of work that's been done on fleshing things out in the battle system. I'm going to end up using a couple different browsers to test this, in order to emulate the multiple players going back and forth.

Daily Wrap Up

Now for some stats about Day 2:

  • Working Time: 7.5 hours
  • Number of Commits: 6
  • Total Number of Files: 57
  • Total Lines of Code: 1054

Update: Go on to Day 3.

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