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This post is part of a series about making a Facebook game from scratch in one week. Go read the Overview to find out more and see a list of all the posts.

Copy, Copy, and More Copy

There was little to no explanatory text on any of the pages when I started today. I added an intro, a help section, and a few lines here and there to give players some guidance.

I also had two big gaps: notes that said, "put terms of service here" and "put privacy policy here." I searched around online for examples and created my own version of each based on what I liked about ones I saw, and what seemed most necessary. I really would prefer to have the simplest and clearest text possible for these, but I also want to make sure that I'm as covered legally as I can be. The privacy policy turned out much nicer in that regard, as it's more of a "what we do with your information" whereas the terms of service is more "what you can and can't do with our site."


The second half of my day was spent styling the app. Almost all of the pages got huge overhauls, and I figured out a neat HTML/CSS trick to display a health bar that goes from colored to transparent and has text on top of it that shows up as light on the colored part and dark on the transparent. Most of the lines of code added today were in CSS, with a few in JavaScript.

Daily Wrap Up

That's it! The only thing that's left to do is get people playing it on Facebook and then submit it to the app gallery. I'll update the overview with a link to the game once it's ready.

Now for some stats about Day 7:

  • Working Time: 7 hours
  • Number of Commits: 7
  • Total Number of Files: 65
  • Total Lines of Code: 2436
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