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Defend Earth or Die! has launched! Oh yeah!

You can now experience what we've been working on for so long if you buy the game on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Want to try it before committing that $1 we're asking for? That's cool. We understand. It's your hard earned cash. So there's a trial mode that is available for every Xbox Live Indie Game. You won't be able to save your progress, but you will be able to play the first level or two and get a glimpse of what the game is like. That should convince you to part with a hundred pennies. And if not we'd love to know why.

We've already received lots of great feedback, and we're always interested in more. So if you play it feel free to drop us a line or a review. Who knows? You might influence an update or a port or a sequel. Are those things happening? Any of them? We'll let you know when we do.

We're obviously really proud and happy of this moment and glad that we can finally share it with the world. The best thing you can do is to also share it with everyone you know. Open up those social networks and link away.

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