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This post is part of a series about making a Facebook game from scratch in one week. Go read the Overview to find out more and see a list of all the posts.

A Comedy of Errors

When I stopped working on Friday, the invitation code still wasn't doing what it should. The problem appeared to be the fact that when you supply a URL for those accepting the invite to go to, Facebook wipes the query string. Again, it is this totally unexpected, undocumented behavior that makes programming for Facebook such a pain. I wanted to try working on Saturday, but Google App Engine went down while I was trying to upload a new version. That made me give up until the next day I could work: today.

Also, a note that when you upload images to Facebook for logos (the 75x75 gallery image and the 16x16 favicon) transparent PNG's are not treated well. They go through some sort of transformation that makes them come out degraded and ugly. Better put a background behind them first, or switch to another format.

Finally: Something Playable

With the Facebook integration issues behind, there's actually a playable version of the game up. It's not pretty, but that's exactly what I'm going to fix tomorrow.

Daily Wrap Up

Now for some stats about Day 6:

  • Working Time: 4 hours
  • Number of Commits: 2
  • Total Number of Files: 65
  • Total Lines of Code: 1791

Update: Go on to Day 7.

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